The purpose of YCP-Conditioning of yarn is to restore the natural properties of strength and elongation by thermo dynamic principle. The system should follow the basic physics of “Steam can be generated at low temperature if the pressure is low” – in other words, the pressure and temperature are directly proportional.

REINIGER WELKER YCP follows the thermo dynamic principle for gentle treatment of yarn by producing cold saturated steam in a separate energy source and avoids contamination of yarn in the conditioning chamber.

Model: ABR 500 (500 Kgs / Batch), ABR 750 (750 Kgs / Batch), ABR 1000 (1000 Kgs / Batch) and ABR 1500 (1500 Kgs / Batch).


  • Increase in single yarn elongation and strength
  • Significant reduction in fly liberation
  • Free from electrostatic charges and better hairiness value
  • Increased efficiency of knitting machines due to less unwinding tension and fewer needle breaks
  • Good size pickup in sizing
  • Better performance in good cloth formation and fabric softness

Cotton, Cotton Mercerized, Wool, Silk, Polyester, Viscose-Rayon, Blends like PV/PC in Cop, Cone and hank from can be treated for conditioning and heat setting with homogeneity – TWO IN ONE MACHINE.

Conditioning from 46°C to 120°C


Description ABR – 500 ABR – 750 ABR – 1000 ABR - 1500
Capacity / batch 500 kgs 750 kgs 1000 kgs 1500 kgs
Production 12 Tons 18 Tons 24 Tons 36 Tons
Vessel Diameter 2000 mm 2000 mm 2000 mm 2000 mm
Feeding of Cones Manual / Auto Automatic Automatic Automatic
Energy source Separate EV Heater / Steam Separate EV Heater / Steam Separate EV Heater / Steam Separate EV Heater / Steam
Water Req. 15L for Steam gen. 22L for Steam gen.
28L for Steam gen. 45L for Steam gen.
Operating Temperature Up to 120”C Up to 120”C Up to 120”C Up to 120”C
Operating Pressure -33 to 1013 mbar -33 to 1013 mbar -33 to 1013 mbar -33 to 1013 mbar
Req. Load 84.5kW 84.5kW 121 Kw 157Kw
Power Consumption 16 – 18 kWhr 17 – 19 kWhr 22 – 24kWhr 28 – 30 kWhr
Req. Area 7x4Mtr 8.5 x 4 Mtr 10 x 4 Mtrs 13.5 x 4 Mtrs
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